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The first series of designs to materialize our concept is ROOM COLLECTION. We want to create a joyful space in a small-sized building for cats to play in. In the ROOM COLLECTION, they can jump, hide, rest, crawl through different spaces, and do anything they can think of. Inspired by prefab buildings and LEGO, the ROOM COLLECTION is made by 4 modules defined by their spatial character, ROOM/LIVINGROOM/BALCONY/RAMP. Together they can be stacked, transformed, and expanded. This allow complete freedom in creating s fit in the modern furniture and interior design of our living space.



We used the proprieties of paper and the principles of origami to create connections that can hold the different modules together in a safe and secure way without the use of any tools. We’ve also avoided complicated instructions and kept the whole assembly process as easy as possible. On top of that, the modules feature a very high payload, allowing kittens as well as giant cats to run, play and jump as they please.


Sustainable Design

Sustainability is also an important issue for our designs. All products and packages must be recyclable and should be made of non-toxic materials. To be friendly to our planet, we also strive to minimize material use for our product and package in order to save material and reduce waste. For example, the joints used to fix the modules are designed on the same cardboard as the box to optimize the use of material.